Lego cars are nothing new, but the plastic merchant’s latest creation is just a little sleeker than the average multicoloured plastic-block creation – a Ferrari F40.

This fantastic plastic vehicle takes the smooth silhouette of one of Ferrari’s most iconic machines and immortalises it in gleaming red block form.

The Danish company clearly hasn’t skimped on the details either – which is wise, considering that this pack is likely to set you back £70 – with the Lego version designed in conjunction with the Italian supercar maker itself.

Details such as the alloy wheels, pop-up headlights and recessed air vents are all present and correct and not only has Lego painstakingly crafted the F40’s V8 engine from plastic, but you can also remove it from the back of the car in one piece, so you can admire your handiwork.

Take a look at the Lego Ferrari for yourself in the video above.

Picture: Lego