What do you get when you cross the tyre-smoking driving spectacle of Ken Block’s Gymkhana series and the fancy footballing skills of Brazilian wunderkind Neymar Jr?

The answer is a little something called “Footkhana” and it sees the two megastars showing off their disciplines in one epic arena of awesomeness.

Actually created to advertise Castrol’s sponsorship of the upcoming World Cup, the clip pits Mr Block against Neymar Jr on an obstacle course of barrels, slaloms and penalty shoot-outs.

Neymar Jr relies on his silky skills with a football, while Ken Block wrestles his 600bhp, all-wheel-drive Hybrid Hoonigan Vehicle around the challenging course using nothing but his heavy right foot and insane car control prowess.

Two megastars show off their disciplines in one epic arena of awesomeness.

The video may not be one of Ken Block’s finest Gymkhana moments (you need to watch Gymkhana Five: San Francisco for that) but it's still fun watching the mad man wreck tyres and generally scare the pants off anyone in the immediate area… which, in this case, is World Cup winner Cafu.