Anyone who’s driven a number of old and new cars will know that visibility in modern cars can leave a lot to be desired – a consequence of car makers’ quest to make ever safer vehicles. However Jaguar Land Rover could have just created a solution to the problem that gives drivers a better view of the road around them, without cutting down on safety levels – a ‘virtual’ windscreen.

Allied with pillars which can have an image of the road ahead projected onto them, the ‘360 Virtual Urban Windscreen’ tech could make the shell of the car effectively transparent, helping the driver to spot hazards on the road ahead, including pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles.

Jaguar Land Rover isn’t finished there, though. The company claims that it could even be possible to turn sat nav directions from simple “turn left at the second right” style verbal instructions into a system which displays a virtual car on the windscreen for the driver to follow, letting them keep their eyes on the road ahead.

With ‘heads-up’ displays on this already making an appearance on many models, it’s surely only a matter of time until you can expect to see this in your car. Take a look at the technology in action in the video here.

Picture: Jaguar Land Rover