A bungling driver has been caught on camera taking no less than four minutes to reverse out of a car parking space.

The driver of the Opel Corsa seems to be faced with a relatively easy two-point reversing manoeuvre to leave the end bay of the small local car park in which they have left their car.

But instead, he or she carries out a mind-bogglingly complicated series of moves which leave the car pointing in completely the wrong direction.

After a few more forward-and-back shunts, the driver finally looks to have cracked it.

But instead of reversing neatly into the nearest gap and then pulling forward to leave, the Corsa completes a broad loop around the rest of the car park in reverse, which results in it nearly becoming wedged between two other stationary vehicles.

Other car park users are forced to wait and watch while the driver extricates the car from the tight spot in which it ends up.

By the time the Corsa is finally able to leave the car park, over four minutes have passed.

The excruciating video was captured on a closed-circuit camera earlier in October, and while there’s no word on its country of origin, it looks to have been filmed somewhere in continental Europe.

In the driver’s defence, early versions of the Corsa such as this one sometimes didn’t feature power steering, meaning parking manoeuvres could be a chore.

But even so, making such a meal of this relatively simple exercise takes some doing!

Daljinder Nagra


October 14, 2013