Compact drones – which can film action from the skies – have to be one of the biggest trends of last year. Capturing action from a bird’s eye view, these increasingly affordable contraptions have played a big part in filming cars. However, while they are perfect for the job, you have to remember to keep the batteries topped up – something the operator in this video forgot to do.

After filming a series of slick synchronised drifting antics from above, the drone starts to run out of juice, quickly losing height. Seeing the drone in trouble, the person at the controls tries to rapidly bring it back to the stands. It doesn’t quite have the charge left though…

Falling dramatically from the sky the drone lands on the Tarmac – unfortunately just before the cars drive past – and is bashed out of the way. Amazingly it keeps filming through this ordeal.

Watch for yourself in the video below (fast forward to 1 min 30 secs for the crash).

Video: Baloney Kids

Chris Lloyd


March 10, 2015