Audi’s chic TT sports car may have been described by many as looking good enough to eat, but here’s one TT that really might whet your appetite.

Having been slathered in 27,000 chocolates, this TT is one mouthwatering machine. Rather than appearing at a car show, however, this creation – unfathomably – made an appearance at a Belgian interior design show. Who knows, maybe Belgians really do coat the insides of their houses with chocolate. Here’s hoping…

In creating this delicious TT it appears that German car company Audi collaborated with Joost Arijs, a Belgian pastry baker and chocolatier, to turn Audi’s compact coupe into a piece of sugar-coated art. You’ll need a big kitchen to show off this tasty TT to its best though.

According to the TT’s chief designer, Dany Garand, the car and chocolate are a good match: “People will love the TT as much as they love their praline!”

Picture: WOW* Trend Magazine