Bored with the colour of your car? Don’t fancy taking it to a paint shop for a full respray? ‘Wrapping’ is the answer.

Rather than coating the car in a second layer of paint, wrapping involves simply covering the car in a new colour – or even pattern, with an adhesive layer of coloured film. Should you want to return your car to its original colour, you can simply peel off the wrap.

While wrapping may be presented as an easy alternative to a full respray, this is something of an artform, as the video above proves. In an artsy stop-motion film, the car is steadily transformed from a dull dark blue hue to a zingy shade of turquoise – courtesy of plenty of wrapping paper and some very precise cutting, moulding and smoothing.

The level of detail that the garage went to is painstaking. See the process for yourself in the video above.

Video:Pavel Volkoff

Chris Lloyd


March 11, 2015