Vauxhall has revealed pricing details for the upcoming plug-in hybrid version of its Grandland X SUV.

The electrified Hybrid4 is available to order now, with a £35,590 starting price and vehicles coming to dealerships in January 2020.

The Hybrid4 is – as the name may suggest – all-wheel drive, and utilises two electric motors alongside a 1.6-litre petrol engine for a combined output of 296bhp.

As well as offering a more future-proof powertrain with a 30-mile electric range, and emissions figures of 36g/km CO2 and 176.5mpg, the Hybrid4 also looks to add some premium feel to the Grandland X with a rather top-heavy spec sheet.

For the £35,590 starting price, you will receive the ‘base’ Business Edition Nav Premium spec, while you can spend as much as £45,450 for the Ultimate Nav spec.

Charging should be a simple task for owners of the Hybrid4, with a 3.3kW on-board charger provided, and a 6.6kW version also available; in addition, Vauxhall will provide devices for fast charging at public stations.

The Hybrid4 version of the Grandland X is the latest in Vauxhall’s efforts to boast a fully-electrified car line-up by 2024.

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Ted Welford


August 5, 2019