Buy a car, get a cash refund, with new-car deal from UK's second-biggest car company.

Vauxhall has moved to loosen car buyers’ grip on their wallets with a strong cashback deal. Customers who buy new Astras, Zafiras, Merivas and Tigras using a Vauxhall 0% loan will get 5% cash back.

So, buying a £14,000 car will get you a £700 refund. The deal, called ‘you pay, we pay’ is available with loans repayable over two, three or four years. Go for the two-year loan and you need not even place a deposit on the car. For three- and four-year loans, deposits of 10% and 30% are needed.

While buyers can spend or save the money however they wish, Vauxhall predicts that canny buyers will stash the refund in a savings account, earning up to 3.6% interest. If they keep it there for however long the loan lasts, it will add to the savings.

However, it’s not all good news from Vauxhall. The company is expected to increase its car prices this week by an average of 4%, matching the rise that Ford has just announced.

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Stephen Jury


February 3, 2009

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