Vauxhall’s Grandland X Hybrid4 SUV is getting a more affordable, lower-powered, front-wheel-drive electrified version.

It utilises the same 177bhp 1.6-litre turbo petrol unit as the standard model but switches from two electric motors to just one gearbox-mounted item – mated to a 13.2kWh battery – instead, therefore ditching the second, rear-mounted motor.

Due to this, the model’s total power output has been lowered from 296bhp to 222bhp. In addition, 0-60mph takes 1.6 seconds more than the four-wheel-drive model at 8.6 seconds. Vauxhall also claims a top speed of 140mph.

Despite performance being reigned in compared to its four-wheel-drive counterpart, the new Grandland X Hybrid benefits from better fuel economy – up by 15mpg to 192mpg – and lower CO2 emissions of 25g/km. The all-electric range has also been improved, and isnow said to be 34 miles thanks to the 13.2kWh battery.

Like it’s more expensive sibling, the front-drive model still receives the same three powertrain modes and regenerative braking system, as well as a standard 3.7kW on-board charger or an optional 7.4kWh charger – the latter bringing down the time the SUV takes to charge.

Priced from £32,390 – the four-wheel-drive version comes in at £35,590 – the first examples of the front-wheel-drive Grandland X Hybrid are expected to arrive in dealerships in April next year.