The next, sixth-generation Vauxhall Corsa is likely to be produced as a fully electric model only, according to brand boss Stephan Norman.

The news follows the fifth-generation version’s recent launch, which is available as a 203-mile EV, called the Corsa-e, as well as with petrol and diesel engines.

Norman told Autocar: ��With electrification, B-class and possibly even A-class segment cars will become more relevant.

“The next generation of superminis, including the Corsa, will be all-electric. I truly believe that.”

The Vauxhall boss also claims that progress with electric cars will greatly increase when governments decide to fully embrace infrastructure and begin funding EV-focused schemes.

Norman added: “When a decision is made it will happen unbelievably quickly. In 2025, no manufacturer will be making petrol or diesel engines.”

Due to the acquisition of Vauxhall by PSA Group, the current Corsa was developed during a fairly rushed timespan in order to avoid paying the brand’s previous owner, General Motors, royalties for the last version of the model.

PSA Group is currently amidst negotiations with FCA regarding a merger. However, Norman claims this won’t have an impact on Vauxhall in the UK but may be a lengthy process.