The winter weather will soon be approaching Britain’s roads – though knowing what our weather’s been like so far this year, the phrase ‘soon’ could mean anywhere between a month and three minutes – so if you spend a lot of time on the road no matter what the weather, these vehicles could be worth looking into to ensure that you get the best handling and most comfort and safety.

Land Rover Discovery Although pitched more as a luxury car, any 4×4 worth its salt should be able to handle the roads no matter what their condition. The Discovery was voted ‘best car in the snow’ in a recent article by What Car? magazine and, as such, should be able to get you places through driving rain and treacherous ice.

Subaru Legacy ES It’s the SUV that never was – by retaining some of the sensibilities of a 4×4 without any of the heft, the Legacy bridges the gap for those who don’t need something as spacious but still want to feel the might of a similar build. It handles incredibly well in wintry conditions thanks to the stability given by the four-wheel drive with increased traction. All this, and it can come in below 50 MPG as well! Mini Cooper A surprising entry here, given the obvious preference for a sizable beast in conditions of poor visibility, but the handling skills previously demonstrated by the

Mini Cooper in road tests give it a great advantage over its more robust brethren. The Cooper gets extra points for its range of driver-assisted braking options such as Cornering Brake Control, All-Season Traction Control and Dynamic Stability Control.

Audi A4 3.2 Quattro In more sensible conditions, this car managed a 70-0 brake test of under 160 feet. That’s not to say that it will automatically make you safer in case of a loss of control to icy conditions, but it’s an impressive start that most car makers are playing catch-up with given the car’s bulky build. The upcoming e-Quattro system will soon make its all-wheel drive fully electric, meaning again that a better handling car in bad conditions is hard to find.

Stephen Jury


November 15, 2012