Over the next couple of months the musical calendar is jam-packed with a selection of festivals and music events in rock, pop and dance all over the country. Whatever festival you’re going to, if you’ve decided to drive then it’s important you know exactly how to survive the festival weekend with your well-loved used car.

Pack wisely If you’re the designated driver, then it’s likely your car will be crammed full of you, your mates and all your festival gear – tents, sleeping bags, drinks, snacks, fancy dress and wellies, not to mention half the other stuff you’re likely to need. Our first tip is to pack wisely; consider what you actually need and what you can get nearer to the site if you need it. Don’t just shove everything into the boot, either – packing is a subtle art that’s as close to Tetris as you can get in real life. You can fit everything in the boot of your little second-hand Fiat; you just need to believe you can (and not take as much stuff).

Make a mix tape You’re going to a music festival, so why not get in the spirit of the weekend with a great mix tape (or CD, or playlist) for the journey there? Not only will it stop you getting bored on the drive down, but it’ll be fantastic for getting you in the mood for some live music. Don’t forget to put a quieter, more relaxed playlist for the journey back when you’re likely to be, er, ‘tired’.

Be prepared In the middle of a field, in the pouring rain, covered in mud and glitter with a collapsed tent, the last thing you want to happen is for your car not to start. Especially if you have an old second hand car, it’s important to be prepared and ensure that you have everything you need in the event of an emergency. Jump leads and a spare battery are useful, as well as a few helpful friends to aid you in removing your beloved motor from the mud if necessary.

Security should be your priority Taking a car to a festival is pretty normal, but there will still be opportunistic thieves around, even in an environment where everyone seems really happy to be there. Don’t keep any valuables in your car, or if you have to, keep them locked in the boot. Make sure you remove your stereo and keep your keys with you at all times. At festival sites, your car probably won’t be near your tent, so you need to leave it knowing that it’ll be safe.

Have a sense of humour Lastly, make sure you bring a sense of humour with you to the festival. Debauchery and hedonism are normal at festivals, so if you find your car has been decorated with streamers, or a friend has slept in it all weekend, or it’s rained so much that your wheels are buried in the turf, then remember to laugh. You’ll be home in no time – and you’ll probably do it all again next year!