Usain Bolt has been gifted a special edition gold Nissan GT-R, one of only two in existence.

The GT-R is perhaps a fitting car for an athlete dubbed the ‘world’s fastest man’. It’s 3.8-litre turbocharged engine endows it with 542bhp, allowing to hit 62mph from a standstill in three seconds flat and reach a top speed of 196mph. Stats like that mean this humble Nissan can stand proud amongst the supercar elite.

The car is finished in unique ‘Bolt Gold’ and has been customised to suit his specific driving style, which Nissan engineers analysed after a visit to the company’s headquarters last October.

Aside from the eye-catching paint job, Bolt’s GT-R features white interior trim and forged aluminium-alloy wheels to the sprinter’s own specification. It is finished with a one-off ‘Spec Bolt’ emblem for increased exclusivity.

Nissan gave Bolt the car to show its appreciation for his efforts as the company’s global ambassador, a role he has filled since April 2012 and which has seen him endorse the brand in various different markets.

A second model was offered as the top prize in an online global charity auction, which was held late in 2012. The lucky winner will take delivery this summer, with the proceeds raised going to the Usain Bolt Foundation.

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