The nominations for our Most Deserving Student Campaign are drawing to a close this Monday 19th November. After the closing date, our judges will sift through the myriad of stories we’ve had sent through to us and somehow whittle them down to just 10 by the 26th.

The calibre of the students we’ve had nominated is astounding – given the chance, we would give away a fleet of Twingos! We’re just not sure how we’re going to be able to choose. We now know that the usual student stereotype is in fact just that; a stereotype, because the students we’ve heard about are not lazy layabouts that get drunk 6 nights a week. In fact they have already achieved more in their youth than many people do in a lifetime, and people are already recognising them for the amazing work they’re doing.

Some nominees have overcome personal circumstances; moving to a new country, learning a new language, dealing with a disability, losing loved ones, succeeding in the face of adversity. Others have dedicated their lives to helping others; volunteering with the less fortunate, improving the local community, becoming a carer for a parent or sibling, consistently lifting people up when they feel low.

It is amazing to think that there are so many young people out there that are already doing so much for other people; despite the bad press they get, students can make a big difference. This is why we want to find the most deserving student in the UK and make a difference to their life and the lives of those they help.

If you know a student that you think deserves to be recognised for the work they do to help others or the struggle they’ve overcome to get where they are then, why not nominate them before the closing date on the 19th? 

Stephen Jury


November 16, 2012