A family who had their car stolen have the power of social media to thank for its safe return, after a desperate plea on Twitter was re-published over 2,500 times.

A Fiat 500, owned by Rae and Sarah Watson, was taken from outside the couple's house in Eccles, Greater Manchester on December 7.

Adding even more grief to the situation was the fact that a valuable pram belonging to their 13-month old baby Thea was on the back seat.

However, thanks to the tweet getting over 2,500 retweets, local man Craig Lodzinski was alerted to the theft and realised that the car was parked outside his flat in Eccles.

After cross-checking with his girlfriend, Craig contacted the police to inform them that he knew the whereabouts of the stolen vehicle and within an hour and a half they were with the little Fiat.

Although the car was slightly damaged it was returned to its owners who were incredibly thankful to everyone who had passed on the tweet.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, Rae said: “Of course we are just so grateful to everyone who retweeted and tried to help us get our car and pram back.”

Extending her thanks, she later tweeted “Twitter found my car! Thanks to everyone & your 3.5k tweets someone spotted it.”

Sadly for the family the expensive pram that was in the boot was not returned with the car.

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Picture: Fotolia

Daljinder Nagra


December 20, 2013