Have you ever been cruising along the open road, or – more likely if you’re a bloke – past a bar full of young ladies, and wished the hatchback you were in was in fact an Italian supercar?

If this rings true, then don’t worry, as there’s now an app for that. Released on Android and iOS, ‘Vroom’ will transform your car, no matter how humble, into a howling performance machine. Sort of.

Using a smartphone’s inbuilt GPS and accelerometer, Vroom generates a new soundtrack for your car. It matches how you’re driving, too, knowing when you’re accelerating, braking or cornering hard, and playing the appropriate sounds to match.

Buyers can choose soundtracks ranging from a highly-strung Italian thoroughbred, to throbbing American muscle cars and even Russian tanks, so there’s plenty of fun to be had. Well, at least it’ll keep the kids occupied on the school run.