Two couples welcomed the latest additions to their family, not in the typical surroundings of a maternity ward, but in a Toyota Yaris, after they failed to get to hospital in time.

Nathan Saru and Darcey Ryan both took their first breaths in Toyota Yaris superminis, earlier this year. Though Sashi and Anisha Saru from Dover were expecting baby Nathan to arrive, neither expected that he would be born so quickly, while en route to the hospital.

Anisha’s contractions took hold as the family was zooming along the motorway, leaving Sashi to dive off the motorway and park up at the side of a roundabout as nature took its course. Thankfully Sashi’s mother Dhan was on hand to assist as an impromptu midwife. With their party soon four-strong, the Sarus continued their journey to hospital where mother and son received medical care.

Staffordshire family, the Ryans, had a similarly-rushed trip to hospital the following day, as mother Heather went into labour, five weeks ahead of schedule. Father Daniel had left early in the morning for work as a postman, while Heather was getting her five-year-old son Finley ready for school. As contractions became more regular, Daniel rushed back from work to escort her to hospital.

Not expecting to give birth so soon, Heather and Daniel had to battle through rush hour traffic en route to hospital in Nuneaton. With traffic delaying their progress, Darcey was delivered in the Yaris’s footwell, just as an ambulance arrived at the scene.

Pictures: Toyota