Car-maker is among the first to pick up where scrappage scheme leaves off With the Govt’s cash-for-scrap scheme ending soon, Toyota is one of the first among car makers to pitch follow-on deals. Cleverly, Toyota calls its follow-on the ‘swappage’ scheme.

The dealer is similar to scrappage in that it promises £2000 off you part exchange an older car for a brand-new one. But in this instance, the offer is good for cars registered between 1 March 2000 (W-reg) and 28 February 2003 (52-reg) and, unlike the Govt. Scheme, the trade-ins need not be scrapped. The deal is valid for the Yaris (pictured) and Auris models, while would-be Avensis owners save an extra £500 or £750, depending on model. The offer applies to cars ordered by the end of March and registered by July.

Meanwhile, 280,000 buyers have used the Govt’s scrappage scheme, which gives £2000 discounts when cars at least 10 years old are scrapped in exchange for new ones. Fords have been the favourite buys, closely followed by Hyundais. The scheme is expected to run out of cash and end during February.