With the GT86, Toyota took a different approach. Where its rivals were keen to outdo each other with ever increasing power outputs and faster lap times, the GT86 is a very different beast.

Indeed, with a modest 197bhp, it is down on power compared even to the current crop of hot hatchbacks. And, shod with the same eco-biased tyres as a Toyota Prius, it won’t generate the same levels of grip in the corners as most of its contemporaries.

But to criticise the GT86 for this would be to miss the point. This is a car that has been honed to perfection to be a fun drive at normal road speeds. Where its more powerful rivals can prove frustrating, as you bumble along, not wanting to exploit their full potential for fear of losing your licence, the GT86 can be driven with gusto, and its exquisite balance enjoyed on the road.

The TRD edition tested here features a more aggressive bodykit including some natty quad exhaust tailpipes for a more sporting look. Fancy your own? GT86s start from £18,500 on

Daljinder Nagra


December 13, 2013

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