Summer is here and now that the holidays are in full swing, it’s this time of year we might think about freshening up our homes. But what about our cars?

While the weather isn’t keeping us locked up inside, it’s time to show our cars some TLC; here we share our top tips for the ultimate car clean.

1. Clean up carpets– while a hoover will get rid of most dirt, for a deep clean water and shampoo is needed. Plus, it will make your car smell lovely and fresh – particularly if you often have children or pets in the car. If you don’t fancy doing it by hand, you could hire from the Rug Doctor. Don’t forget the boot and upholstry, too!

2. Preserve your bodywork– winter can be tough on car paintwork, just think about all the grime and salt that comes off the roads. Now is the ideal time to give it a good clean. Top tip: hose your car down before sponging as this will remove any debris that may cause scratches. A jet washer is perfect for this and uses less water than a hose pipe. Bosch has a good range and you can view the different options here.

3. Add some shine– if you’ve spent time cleaning your car you want it to look that way! Polishing and waxing will add shine and help to repel dirt when you get back on the road. Try the Bilt Hamber Double Speed-Wax.

4. Time for tyres– giving tyres, hub caps and alloys a good clean can make a real difference to how a car looks. Use this cleaning time though to do some essential safety checks on tyres to keep you safe on the roads. Check the tyre depth and tread – and don’t forget the spare tyre. See more information on checking your tyres in our handy tyre check guide.

5. The hard to reach places– we all tend to neglect around the engine. There may be a build-up of twigs and leaves around the engine, so pop open the bonnet and clean out the rubbish. While you’re there wipe round with a wet cloth and check your oil and fluid levels. This handy tool from Mobil tells you which kind of oil you should be using in your car.