According to the DVSA, poor parking is one of the top ten reasons why people in the UK fail their driving test. Fortunately, we’re working on an easy-to-follow formula for the perfect parking, but in the meantime here’s our compilation of the very best (or should we say worst?) parking fails from around the world. If you are one of those who struggles with parking, this ought to make you feel a bit better!

Volkswagen falls victim to poor parking in China

Credit: China lian

This makes the list as one of the most brazen parking videos we’ve seen. A Volkswagen pays a high price for having been left at an angle, after the driver of a neighbouring car repeatedly collides with it as he tries to back out of a parking space. With a driving style that brings fairground bumper cars to mind, the man behind the wheel of the silver Mazda is caught on CCTV as he makes numerous attempts to reverse over the course of ten minutes, with the white Golf bearing the brunt of damage. When he’s finally free of the space, the careless driver casually exits the car park, leaving the damaged vehicle behind without so much as a note. It’s sad to see two perfectly nice cars suffer such abuse, and we’d hate to see the look on the Volkswagen owner’s face when they returned to their vehicle! 

'Trapped' in a car park in Poland

Credit: IRLComedy

Numerous fails can be seen in this parking exit blunder, caught on CCTV in Poland. While a number of cars have been parked across two spaces and some are facing the wrong way entirely, the problem lies with one of the few that has actually been parked in a bay. In the difficult to watch debacle, the driver of the blue Corsa manages to trap themselves (and another motorist) while trying to perform what should have been a quick and simple manoeuvre. However, unlike our bumper-car driver in China, the person behind the wheel in this case managed not to cause any damage – and took a comparatively short four minutes to reverse out of the space.

Hit-and-run parking in Canada

Credit: We Did It For A Show

4×4 driver? No spaces? No problem! Simply park on another car… Unfortunately while there were plenty of spaces available in this car park in Canada, the BMW driver aiming for one of the vacant spots seems to accelerate rather than brake, causing their car to lurch forward on to the two vehicles opposite. After backing up to assess the damage, the driver then flees the car park and the (no doubt costly) repair bills.

Parking rage in Prague

Credit: The Other Mike & Mike Show

A car park in Prague is no place for the faint hearted if this video is anything to go by. With an audience of builders piling on the pressure, this motorist makes several attempts at fitting into a space, before finally parking so close to a neighbouring Citroen that she cannot get out of her car. Resorting to climbing out the passenger side, the flustered driver knocks off the handbrake and is forced to scramble back into the car again, just in time to prevent it from rolling into a passing vehicle. Clearly in a hurry, she still finds time to vent her frustrations on the innocent Citroen before leaving the car park. Amusing for the onlookers, but not so much if you’re the owner of the yellow car!

Accidental road block in Italy

Credit: TheVideos4funn

Like something straight out of a Mr. Bean comedy sketch, this Fiat 500 driver in Italy creates quite a scene when he ends up blocking a narrow, but apparently very busy, back street. With all the action captured from the balcony of a nearby building, the driver struggles to manoeuvre and before long, finds himself stuck. That’s not the end of it though, as the scenario unfolds into a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed. As a queue forms, it is joined by a biker gang – and then by a religious procession! Unlike our lady in Prague, though, this driver scores points for determination; refusing to give up, even as an angry crowd gathers around the car. 

Sarah Lingard


November 21, 2014