With the Olympic Games set to begin late next month, and over 10,000 athletes set to represent 205 nations in over 300 events, it might be tricky to pin down just which events you want to keep an eye out for.

As fans of all things four-wheeled, we’ve put together a guide to which events would appeal the most to car lovers.

If you’re taken by the speed at which some of the world’s highest-performing cars can get up to, you’ll want to see something equally fast-paced so as not to stop paying attention. The 100m sprint events, which take place at the Olympic Stadium on the weekend of 3-5 August – will certainly be something to appeal to the speed freaks.

The world will be watching to find out whether Usain Bolt can break his own Olympic record – or even his world record – in the men’s event.

Another event that is synonymous with speed is sure to be the table tennis; once served, the action is as fast-paced as it is riveting, as two people-shaped blurs smash their way around either side of a table. It’s a niche sport that’s been attracting a lot of fans in recent years, and this year’s event is sure to entertain.

Staying with track and field, and something that’s sure to appeal to those who like their machines with a bit of muscle; the hammer throw pits the strongest athletes in the world together to go for the gold medal through sheer raw power. The men’s event is split on the first weekend of August, with the qualifiers on the Friday morning and the finals on the Sunday afternoon; while the women’s event takes place on Wednesday 8th and Friday 10th August.

Some cars are renowned for their grace and beauty; what event could be more fitting for those who like to drive such eloquent vehicles than synchronised swimming? Set for the week commencing Sunday 5th August, it’s an opportunity to see some of the world’s most stylish performers as they work through delicately yet intensively-prepared routines in the pool. It will make for many beautiful images, just like those of the cars you might enjoy.

So whatever your reasons to be drawn to your favourite cars, there’ll be something for car enthusiasts of all kinds to enjoy at the London games this summer.