Petrol-heads rejoice! Top Gear is back for a new season.

That’s right, the country’s favourite middle-aged men will be shouting, falling over and setting fire to things in the first episode of series 21 this Sunday.

It’s been six months since Jezza, Hamster and May have graced our screens, and it seems that time has been put to good use, filming some epic features for our automotive delectation.


BBC2, Sunday February 2. Don't miss it!

Featuring in the show will be McLaren’s all-new hypercar, the P1, alongside Mercedes mammoth G63 6×6 (yes, that’s six-wheel drive) off roader.

We can also expect the usual shenanigans involving a number of cheap and homemade cars, which – inevitably – will spend most of their time crashing into things.

The series will span seven episodes, including a special episode with the presenters tackling a ‘special mission’.

The first sees the trio hopping into hot hatchbacks from their youth, in an attempt to prove (to the producers, inevitably) that they are better than their modern equivalents.

Top Gear airs on Sunday 2 February at 8pm on BBC Two. If you can’t wait that long, click play below for a teaser of what the series has in store – and for another video of Jeremy Clarkson looking very bored indeed.

Daljinder Nagra


January 30, 2014

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