Parking can throw up all sorts of challenges; the mad hunt for a space; fitting into the “just about big enough space”, and the scramble around for change for the meter – all of this combined means you exit the car with heightened blood pressure! Here at we believe that technology is your friend and we’ve selected five smart tools to help take the stress of out parking:

1. Parkopedia: an app perfect for finding available spaces. Download it and you’ll never have to drive around endlessly trying to find a space again. It will show you the nearest paid for and free car parks with spaces available and how to get there. Plus, you’ll have access to opening hours, prices and even height restrictions.  

2. Retro-fit parking sensors: protect yourself from those frustrating bumps, knocks and scrapes that can happen when parking with a set of parking sensors. There are models on the market that are compatible with any car that are easy to fit and invisible once in place. 

3. Self-Drive Cars: let technology park for you. Lexus’s Advanced Guidance System and Volkswagen’s Park Assist will take the stress of parking out of your hands. You just have find the space, put the car into reverse and select the system. The car will then use a series of sensors to guide itself into the space. Visit for more information. 

4. Ringo: never run out of change again. This handy system lets you pay for parking by phone or your PC. All you have to do is register your vehicle and payment details once and then you can park and pay quickly. You can also download VAT receipts for work expenses. 

5. FindMyCar: losing your car will be a thing of the past with this app. We’ve all been there, wandering around a car park trying to remember where we left the car. This app uses GPS to track the location of a vehicle and guide you back to it. It’s available to download from iTunes.