Selling your car on has never been easier: all it takes is a short description, a few photos and a couple of clicks of the mouse. However there are a few ways to make sure you put your car in pole position when selling privately. We’ve compiled our favourite five tips which cover all bases including common sense and something a bit different too!

Know the market

This insider tip from our dealers will really help give you the edge. There are a few trends we’ve noticed over the years and it really does make a difference when you decide to sell. For example, it sounds simple but there is increased interest in convertibles in the summer months, so if you’re thinking of selling your soft top it might be worth waiting until the weather really warms up to maximise your chances of selling as quickly as possible. 

Get your facts right

Although it’s a bit of a chore, writing an informative description really helps cut answering irrelevant questions and reduces the chances of dealing with time wasters. Make sure everything you write is factually accurate and dig out all of your paperwork to check your facts and figures. 

Clean up your act

Make sure your car is looking its best. You don’t need to spend a fortune but make sure you cover the basics including washing the outside, vacuuming the inside and tidying up. Nobody wants to buy a dirty car and taking an hour to clean it could help nudge the sale forward. Check out our Top five car cleaning accessories feature for some great products which will help make this a breeze. 

Lights, camera, action! 

The written description is critical when selling a car, however most peoples’ attention is grabbed by the photos. After you’ve valeted your car the next thing is to get some pictures. The key thing to remember is image quality. Make sure your camera settings are on high resolution – this will ensure the image is big enough to view without it becoming fuzzy. Photos need to be as light as possible so choose the sunniest part of the day and make sure you take images of the whole car from different angles (and without anything like people, plants or animals obscuring the image), plus detailed pictures showing any damage or special features. 

Make it child friendly

If your car has ISOFIX for child seats then show it off. Ask around friends and family to see if you can borrow a child seat, fit it in the car and take photos to show how potential buyers can benefit. Staging photos that fit into buyers’ lifestyle makes them feel more inclined to commit to the sale. This is particularly important if you own a traditionally family-friendly model such as a Ford Fiesta, Nissan Qashqai or Vauxhall Astra. 

Sarah Lewis


May 15, 2015