2015 saw a record number of new car sales in the UK with 2.6 million cars registered during the 12 months. This has continued into 2016 with January being the best month for new car registrations since 2005. A rise in car sales over the last four years along with growth in the automotive industry has marked a recovery from the financial crisis. Low fuel prices and more accessible credit options have helped to drive these sales, as well as the depreciation of the euro against the pound, making the UK an attractive place for European manufacturers to sell their products. Here at Motors.co.uk, we’ve put together a quick list compiling the top five selling cars of 2015.      

1.Nissan Qashqai

This SUV has proved extremely popular since its release, with the latest model launched in 2013. It achieved 60,814 registrations in 2015 and is a favourite among families, offering a comfortably sized interior and spacious boot. Safety features include optional front collision avoidance, speed limit sign recognition and parking sensors at both ends of the car. The Qashqai is also more economical than some rival SUV models such as the Ford Kuga and the Volkswagen Tiguan.          

2.Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf has been a regular top seller since its release in 1974. There were 73,409 vehicle registrations in the UK in 2015. The Golf is extremely reliable, providing a smooth drive with excellent handling due to the multi-link rear axle fitted in all Golf models. Controlled suspension and low noise levels, even at high speeds, make it an enjoyable drive. Its simple design and interior means it attracts a variety of customers and is at an affordable price too. 

3.Ford Focus

Ford is the UK’s leading car manufacturer and it saw huge success with the Ford Focus. In 2015, there were 83,816 registrations. Now in its third generation, the Focus is one of the most efficient and high performing hatchbacks on the market. A stylish design with a quality modern and high tech interior, it sets a high standard for family hatchbacks. With a top range of petrol and diesel engines, the Focus blends performance with efficiency. 

4.Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa had 92,077 registrations in 2015. An affordable and practical car, the Corsa is compact but still boasts a good sized boot and back seating area. The city steering mode is quick to react, making parking easier, and disengages at speeds above 30mph for a more natural feel. The Corsa hasn’t dramatically changed its design over the years due to the positive reaction it has received, although the latest model has a low-set grille and LED lights, giving it a more modern slick look. 

5.Ford Fiesta

Coming in at the top spot, the Ford Fiesta was the highest selling car in 2015 with 133,434 registrations. The Fiesta offers an all-round top performance by delivering comfort, quality and efficiency. A versatile vehicle, its attractive design includes a sporty style with a cool and spacious interior, with minimal hard plastic surfaces. The range of small capacity engines means it’s generally cheap to run and easy to drive. With the all-round performance and style of this vehicle, it’s clear to see why it’s a best-seller.