Congratulations, you’ve passed your driving test! So, what next? When you’ve not been cruising around enjoying your new found freedom on the road, you’ve probably heard people mention Pass Plus. It’s a practical training course designed to help improve the skills of new drivers and, ultimately, help them become safer. But, what are the benefits and is it something for you? has compiled the top five reasons why you should take your Pass Plus to help you decide.

1. Get some experience under your belt: drive in situations and conditions that won’t have been covered in your driving lessons, such as on motorways, to build up your understanding of how to adapt your driving. 

2. Grow your confidence: knowing you’ve already experienced a broad range of driving conditions and can handle them smoothly will help remove any new driver nerves.

3. Reduce your risk of an accident: increased experience and confidence will make you a safer driver on the road. This is hugely important considering drivers aged 17-19 are involved in 12 per cent of fatal and serious crashes, according to charity Brake.

4. Save on your car insurance: some insurance providers will offer discounted rates for young drivers with the Pass Plus qualification, which can really help to bring down the high premiums new drivers (and those below the age of 25) are often quoted, and help you get on the road.

5. Get help with funding: some local authorities offer funding support for new drivers who want to take the Pass Plus, so get in touch with your office to find out.