To counteract the sheer volume of terrible parking examples on the net, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite parking wins. Our top picks include monster trucks, cute kids and people not afraid to modify their cars or even their houses!

5. No drive? No worries! One man decided to modify his house to ensure he always gets a secure spot for his car, and it means he’ll never get caught in the rain. However, it won’t work if he ever trades his car up, as the gap is extraordinarily tight and he even has to fold the wing mirrors in. win rating: 2/5

4. Most of us are guilty of squeezing into a space that’s just a bit too small. While we admire the determination and skills this lady used to get her large saloon out of a very tight spot, we think it would have been easier to find another space in the first place. Extra marks for making sure the other cars were left untouched. win rating: 3/5

3. We know he’s a professional so should be good at parking, but in this clip, drag racer Paul Swift really shows us how a reverse bay park is done. Now you might already own a Ford Focus but this is definitely not one to try out in the supermarket car park! win rating: 3.5/5

2. We couldn’t resist including this clip of a cute boy parallel parking his toy car. Top marks for speed and skill despite his young age, but we’re taking away marks for being smug – not because we’re jealous though! win rating: 4/5

1. It’s fair to say parking can be one of the most difficult aspects of driving, and if you’re sitting in a 53 foot truck, then finding an easily accessible space can be a real challenge. But it was no problem for this truck driver, who we’ve crowned our all-out winner as he cautiously but quickly puts this monster truck in a narrow bay. win rating: 5/5

Have you seen some great parking, or are you proud of your own parking achievements? Why not leave us a comment below or share them with us on our Facebook page.

Sarah Lewis


February 26, 2015

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