Christmas is a time to show someone that you know them, that you’ve spent a whole year learning what they like and that, at the end of it, you know exactly what to give them as a present.

Car enthusiasts can be devilishly hard nuts to crack, with tastes in cars varying wildly from person to person. To make buying a gift for them a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top five presents.

Satellite Navigation

A driver is only as good as their maps. Satellite navigations now incorporate speed camera detection, meaning that even a driver lost beyond belief won’t be caught out by going too fast on unfamiliar roads.

We’d go for a TomTom model, which offers the easiest interface to work out, as well as lifetime maps – this means whoever is lucky enough to receive it won’t have to pay to keep the maps updated.

Dashboard Camera

Dashboard cameras have become more popular with each viral video that has been uploaded to the internet. Used globally by truck drivers in order to prove any wrong doing by other motorists, dashboard cameras (or ‘dashcams’) are widely used by those protecting themselves from insurance fraud. Quite a few use them just to log where they’ve been, too. We’d choose the Cobra drive HD, which is easy to setup and provides both clear picture and audio.

Bluetooth remote control car

What better for a petrolhead on a slow Christmas day afternoon than a remote control car? And rather than a traditional one with a big, clunky control, how about one which can be controlled through your phone? These little cars are great for enthusiasts of all ages. Available in a variety of car choices, this is the perfect gift for a fun-filled day.

Tool Set

Where would a die-hard enthusiast be without his trusty toolkit? In one word, stuck. A tool set is the perfect gift for anyone looking to be able to make smaller repairs, all the way up to larger tasks. Halfords do an excellent 114-piece aluminium tool set, which should mean that your lucky present receiver is set for nearly any eventuality.

Battery Jump Pack

Although it may not be the most interesting of gifts, the lucky boy or girl will be thankful of a jump pack should the worst happen and they return to their car to find that it has a flat battery. Cobra have created a jump pack that is small enough to fit in a bag, yet powerful enough to jump start even the flattest of batteries. Not only will it jump start a car, but it can be used to give juice to all USB compatible devices. Pretty handy, right?