You’ve got your wellies, your sunscreen, your sunhat and raincoat. Oh – and your tent. That can mean only one thing: you’re festival bound!

If you’re heading to a music jamboree or a family-friendly outdoors event this year, will you be packing the kitchen sink when you load up your car? It’s tempting; you never know what you might need when you get there.

But let’s face it; it would take a workhorse of a car to fit all the paraphernalia you’ll need (plus you and your friends) in there.

You want something reliable (just in case the fields are water-logged when you leave) and spacious too. It will also need to be comfortable if you are driving a long way, and a great car stereo to get you in the mood for a weekend of music would be good, too

So what would the team choose if they were driving to a festival? Here are our top five festival-going vehicles:

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1. VW Campervan

Of course! It’s the daddy of the festival vehicles. A classic VW Campervan is full of charm and style. It’s practical, too, having its own cooking facilities and beds – who needs a canvas room? 

2. LandRover Discovery

It’s big and it can cut through those muddy trenches easily, thanks to the powerful four-wheel drive. Make sure you’re not in a rush on the way home, though, because you might end up towing those poor souls who are stuck in the mud.

3. VW Beetle 

Another car classic – the old style Beetle is a sweet, authentic-looking vehicle that looks just the part for a music festival. The modern versions are probably more reliable, though, and are still ultra-stylish!

4. Renault Captur

Let’s admit it: you won’t be as clean when you leave as when you arrive. Luckily, the Captur has removable, washable seat covers to restore the interior to its pristine former self. The rear seats also move to give your passengers maximum leg room, an absolute necessity after all that dancing!

5. Mercedes S-Class

If it’s all about the sound and you want to make a real entrance, then it has to be the Mercedes S-Class. Fitted with a supreme 3D Burmester surround sound system which you can even optimise individually for each of the four seats, it’s the perfect car for music lovers. There are reclining seats, too, just in case the tent is uncomfortable. (You’re likely to be in the VIP section if you drive one of these, though.)

What was the best car you’ve been to a festival in? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Sarah Lewis


June 3, 2015