With this year’s Geneva Motor Show on the horizon, we are about to see all sorts of cars unveiled by renowned manufacturers. However, what happens when the general public and tuning houses get their hands on them? Well, depending on your perspective, it can be car heaven or car hell. We’ve done a bit of digging for some of the most interesting custom jobs of the past couple of years but would love to hear about your favourites too!

1. The Mercedes Benz Brabus B63S 700

This six-wheeled monster is probably not what the designers at Mercedes had in mind when they first unveiled the G63. However, with a little tuning, four tonnes of power can go from 0 to 100mph in just 7.4 seconds. The 37 inch off-road tyres mean you could travel just about anywhere, but whether you'd want to take the risk after spending around £3/4m is up for debate.

2. Green Camaro with 32inch wheels

When lime green doesn’t help you to stand out enough, where do you turn? 32inch wheels, that's where. This Camaro certainly makes an impact on the streets of Illonois, but might be more at home in one of the Gran Turismo video game franchise.

3. Hamaan Mystere Range Rover

First released as man landed on the moon, the traditional Range Rover was designed for tough, off-road conditions. Relatively utilitarian, the original Range Rover was certainly not a luxury car. However, fast forward more than 40 years and, not only can you can buy top-of-the-range luxury editions, but it also comes in pink. Yes, really, pink. Not sure that will help you in the British countryside. 

4. Mercedes CLS – diamond edition

What do you do with a Mercedes CLS when you are trying to show up the boy next door? Cover it with Swarovski crystals, that’s what. One Russian student spent more than £20,000 – and one assumes a lot of time – gluing one million crystals to her £55,000 Mercedes CLS. The car has since come on the market, if you are interested? 

5. Fiat 500

What happens when you cross a Fiat 500 with a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche? Nothing good you might say. Well, not so for Dini Gianfranco, who has completed all three – with the Fiat Lamborghini hybrid now capable of 186mph and 500 horsepower. It even spits fire. 

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Sarah Lewis


February 25, 2015