For car manufacturers, launches are big business: The chance to bring their new products to market, wowing consumers and unveiling the result of years of preparation. 

These days launches are big money affairs, with manufacturers sparing no expense to ensure their latest cars capture the hearts and minds of the public. Here, shares its top five car launches of all time. Take a look at these videos and judge for yourself:

1. Hyundai Accent

The launch of the Hyundai Accent in 2011 brought together the hottest vehicle technology with the latest in 3D mapping. The car was actually suspended on a wall with the mapping happening around it to make it seem as if the car was driving down the road. The stunning use of technology in front of a live audience really brought the car to life. Amazing!

2. Fiat 500X

Featuring a collaboration between Fiat and British magician, Dynamo, this launch took place earlier this year in front of a stunned audience. A combination of a dramatic build up and mind-boggling special effects puts the X factor into this car launch.

3. BMW 3 Series

Another fantastic example of how 3D mapping can bring a car to life without it moving an inch! One of the best premium saloons around requires a premium launch event, check out this video to see just that.

4. Mercedes 2013 range

An auditorium, lasers, Stig-like creatures and body shaking music, what more could you want from a car launch?! It’s all here at the Mercedes event which took place in China in 2013. Be warned, this video contains flashing images and lots of them!

5. SEAT Leon pre-launch stunt

Ok, so we know this isn’t technically a launch event but SEAT’s simulator stunt is so ingenious we really wanted to include it in our round up. This clever tactic increased the hype around the fastest car the company has ever produced, engaged with fans and showcased the car’s capabilities. If only all car journeys could be as epic!

Sarah Lewis


May 14, 2015