We’re used to seeing celebrities looking pristine, rocking the latest clothes and bodies that most of us could only dream of. They seem to ooze confidence and make us green with envy of their super luxurious lifestyles. When it comes to cars, however, it seems that celebrities meet their match and become, like us mere mortals, prone to mistakes and mishaps. Here, Motors.co.uk lists its top five most surprising celebrity car moments.

1. Mario Balotelli and his camo car

Footballer Mario Balotelli is famed for his eccentric ways and outlandish behaviour. This was perhaps epitomised when he made the decision to cover his £160,000 Bentley Continental in a camouflaged vinyl wrap. We can still see it, Mario!

Not content with ruining just one car, Mario then went on to wrap his subsequent car, a Range Rover Evoque, in gold vinyl! We’re not sure which one is worse.

2. Justin Bieber gets six speeding tickets in one trip

Of all the places to try and out-drive the police, Dubai isn’t the one. Even in a Lamborghini you won’t stand a chance, as the police over there have them too! The Canadian pop star gave it a go however, but clocked not one or two but a whopping six speeding tickets for his troubles.

3. Rowan Atkinson crashes supercar. Twice.

Self-proclaimed car-nut, Rowan Atkinson, managed to sell his McLaren F1 supercar this year for what is believed to be a £7 million profit. Not bad going seeing as the actor had crashed the vehicle twice in recent years. The latest shunt caused damage costing more than £1 million to repair, making it one of the most expensive insurance claims in UK history. We hope the car’s new owner is a little more careful. 

4. George Michael falls out of moving car on M1

George could have made the top five list for a number of incidents involving cars, but this, surprisingly, was perhaps the most tame. While trying to shut a door that wasn’t closed properly George tumbled out into the fast lane of the M1 and was very nearly run over by a car travelling behind. Luckily, he only suffered minor injuries and made a swift recovery having been checked over by paramedics. Thank goodness!

5. Brian Harvey runs himself over after overdosing on potatoes

Your eyes don’t deceive you. This actually happened. The ex-East 17 frontman allegedly lent out of his car to be sick after scoffing a spud, fell out and ended up under the wheels. He made a full recovery though and we’re sure he’ll be steering clear of any extra roasties on his next Sunday dinner.