Christmas can be a particularly stressful time, particularly when it comes to buying gifts. Sometimes it feels like a mammoth task to get the ‘right’ present for someone you know, particularly if you know they’re a big fan of cars.

However, with all manner of gift options available for car enthusiasts, there’s sure to be a present to fit the bill. And to make things a little easier, we’ve picked out some of the best on sale this year. All of the prices are correct at time of writing.

Lego Technic Jeep Wrangler

Who doesn’t love a good model to complete on Boxing Day? Lego’s latest addition to its Technic range – the new Jeep Wrangler – is a great looking kit, with a striking yellow and black paint scheme helping it to really stand out.

It also gets chunky off-road-ready tyres and proper suspension. Aimed at those aged nine and above, it’s likely that this model will be just as popular with big kids as little ones.

Price: £44.99 (Lego)

Bentley Wireless home sound system

If you’re looking to really push the boat out, then you could opt for Bentley’s Wireless home system. Created by audio specialists Naim – which also designs sound systems for Bentley’s vehicles – it features copper elements and lacquered wood finishers designed to mimic those found in Bentley’s road cars.

The lattice pattern which is applied to the area around the volume dials echoes the diamond quilting applied to the firm’s seats, too. We’ll make no bones about it though, with a high price tag this is one special present indeed.

Price: £1,799 (Bentley online)

Garmin DriveSmart 65

A satellite navigation system can take the headache out of a long journey. The Garmin DriveSmart is one of the latest to hit the market and brings all manner of features which will help to make your time behind the wheel as painless as possible.

It packs Amazon Alexa, for instance, which allows you to control the device entirely through voice commands. When paired to your car’s Bluetooth, you can even use it to play music – again, totally via voice control.

Price: £176.50 – (Halfords)

McLaren Senna ride-on car

The McLaren Senna has proved to be one of the firm’s most capable and exciting models to date, encapsulating everything people expect from the Woking-based manufacturer in one incredible car.

And now, little drivers can get a slice of the action too with McLaren’s ride-on Senna. It features working brake lights, dihedral doors and real Senna sounds. It’s even got speakers which can play music when on the move.

Price: £375 (McLaren)

Bond Cars: The Definitive History

It’s fair to say that the James Bond franchise has spawned some of the greatest and best-known movie cars of all time. From the Aston Martin DB5 to the BMW Z3, all manner of four-wheeled movie stars have made their appearance in these popular movies.

This book goes through them all, with key information on each starring car. It’s a great present for any die-hard Bond fan out there.

Price: £20.00 (Bond Store)

Tile Mate Bluetooth keyring

Do you know someone who is forever misplacing their car keys? The Tile Mate Bluetooth keyring could be the gift for them, then. It’s a small keyring which is implanted with a Bluetooth receiver. Attach it to your keys and, via a smartphone app, you’ll be able to locate your keys whenever you’ve lost them.

Plus, there’s even a function to make the ‘tile’ sound an alert, ensuring that even if the keys are well and truly out of sight, you’ll be able to find them.

Price: £14.99 (Argos)