The Razor brand name might not recognised by some of the more, ahem, mature readers out there, unless of course one of the younger members of your family has pined after one of its products at Christmas.

See, Razor produces some pretty cool toys for the younger folk, including stunt scooters, a bizarre skateboard called a RipStik and an array of fine ride-on electric vehicles.

The latest creation to roll off the Californian production line is the Crazy Cart – a sort of electric go-kart on casters – and what better way to publicise its topsy-turvy driving experience than with a Ken Block Gymkhana tribute?

A statement along with the video reads: “We are such huge fans of the original (Gymkhana) videos that we just had to make one of our own! Ken Block’s Gymkhana 5 drifting in San Francisco was unreal so we decided to ask the warehouse team at Razor if we could spend our Saturday in the warehouse filming the original first of it’s kind, Ken Box.

“And of course, what’s a Gymkhana video without a gorilla and a ladder?”

The result is just over four minutes of skilled Crazy Cart control, eye-popping editing and a man in a gorilla suit running around a warehouse.

Hats off to the Razor boys, this is one highly entertaining video, especially if you are a fan of Ken Block’s wheel-work.

Now excuse us, we’re just popping down to our local Toys ‘R’ Us to bag us a couple of Crazy Carts. The office is in need of a good Gymkhana session.