Toyota has recently revealed details of one of the zanier concepts to be revealed at the Tokyo motor show later this month.

The FV2 concept is part of the Japanese marque’s ‘future mobility’ philosophy and hopes its users form the sort of car/driver relationship that a rider has with his or her horse. Confused? So are we.

Rather than slipping behind the wheel, users of the FV2 will mount a saddle and use his or her weight to move the vehicle forwards, backwards, left and right. According to Toyota, it also, “uses intelligent transport system technology to connect with other vehicles nearby and highway infrastructure to capture safety information,” meaning it can give advance blind spot warning or alert drivers to an upcoming junction, for example.

Above all else, Toyota believes future motorists will develop a relationship with their vehicles and develop aspects of trust and understanding that will filter into every journey.

Toyota says the emotional connections will be “similar to those a rider will have with a horse.” That means the car can pick up on a driver’s emotional state using voice and image recognition technology and adjust driving style accordingly. It can also use accumulated driving history to suggest destinations; and can present driving skills information to assist the driver.

The FV2 could also change colour depending on the mood of the driver but Toyota hasn’t clarified whether it will glow red to warn fellow motorists of an impending road rage incident.

Plenty more whacky designs will be unveiled at the Tokyo motor show later this month so make sure you check back for the full details.

Leon Poultney


November 6, 2013

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