Car journeys make up the vast majority of UK transport, but it’s a good job we don’t rely on Santa delivering his presents by car.

New research has calculated that if he abandoned his sleigh and chose a car instead, it would take an impressive 693 years to deliver the world’s presents.

With 2.2 billion children across the planet spread between 916 million houses, Santa has to travel an awesome 424,843,108 miles to ensure that all the kids get the presents they’ve asked for on Christmas Day.

He only has a 32-hour window around the world to deliver the presents – that’s assuming that kids are asleep for eight hours. This means that he has to travel at an impressive 13 million miles per hour to ensure there are no grumpy faces on Christmas morning.

Using a Boeing 747 would speed the process up to 88 years, while even with a commercial rocket the mammoth journey would still take over two years.

And it’s a good job he doesn’t bike or walk, as these would take 2,109 and 12,125 years respectively.

Using a go-kart – the choice of transport for TeamSport Karting, which is the UK’s largest indoor karting operator and the firm behind the stats – would still take 1,200 years to complete the feat.

Dominic Gaynor, managing director of TeamSport Indoor Karting, said: “Our research highlights just what an amazing job Santa and his reindeer do to ensure every child receives their presents on Christmas morning.

“Our normal methods of transport simply can’t compare to the speed of his sleigh – it would take our 40mph go-karts over 1,000 years to deliver the world’s presents!”

So maybe we’ll leave the job to Santa, his sleigh and the reindeers to get on with the job in hand. Otherwise, who knows when Christmas would ever arrive?

Ted Welford


December 17, 2018

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