There’s room in Mazda’s product plans for sporty MPS variants – but the manufacturer needs to get the basics right first.

That’s the opinion of the Japanese manufacturer’s UK managing director Jeremy Thomson who says it’s not just the media and fans that want to see a sporty offering in the maker’s range again.

“All of the enthusiasts at Mazda would love to see a new MPS range,” explained Thomson, in an exclusive interview with

"There is a future to the rotary engine." – Jeremy Thomson, Mazda UK

“But these kinds of projects are not simple and engineering resources have to go to the mainstream cars first. I would hope there is space in our product planning to also deliver some interesting and exciting derivatives above and beyond that which you are seeing now.”

Thomson explained that the Mazda 3 and 6 are “more than capable” of taking high performance engines and that this was clearly demonstrated in the previous generation of cars.

He wouldn’t be drawn on when we could see a new MPS range, but certainly seemed hopeful it would happen.

The Hazumi concept, which previews the forthcoming Mazda 2, was shown at the Geneva Motor Show and certainly looks pretty sporty with its twin centre-exit exhausts. There are few hot hatch enthusiasts that wouldn’t like to see an MPS version that could take the fight to the Ford Fiesta ST.

Thomson wouldn’t be drawn on whether we would ever see a successor to the RX-7 and RX-8 rotary-engined sports cars either.

However, he did say: “There is a future to rotary, but there’s no decision on how and when we will deploy that. There’s been a lot of speculation about an RX-8 replacement and many of us at Mazda would love to see an overt sports car brand exist as it’s something we do very well.”

We simply take comfort in the fact Thomson said the rotary engine wasn’t dead completely…

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James Baggott


March 14, 2014