Top five car games to pass a long journey

Anyone who has ever been on a long car journey with children will be all-too familiar with the repetitive cries of “Are we nearly there yet?” and “I’m bored."

It’s easy to see why some families turn to iPads and portable DVD players to keep younger passengers occupied, especially if you’re on a lengthy trip or hindered by traffic tailbacks. But another way to help pass the time and stop the dream trip turning into a nightmare is to play some traditional car games.

At, we have compiled a list of classic games to encourage you to switch off those electronic devices and enjoy some good, old-fashioned family fun. We’d love to hear how you keep everyone entertained on a long trip – share your ideas at the Facebook page.

 1.I spy

Starting out simple, it’s the enduring favourite which needs nothing more than a keen eye. One person chooses an object that the others have to guess, using those famous words: "I spy with my little eye something beginning with (insert the first letter of the object's name)." The player who guesses the object gets to go next.

 2.I went to the supermarket and bought…

Exercise that grey matter with a memory test. Each player has to choose something they bought at the supermarket. The first player starts by picking one item. The next player then has to recite what the previous player bought, as well as adding something new to the list. The player who forgets an item is out of the game – can you be the last shopper standing?


 3.Road cricket 

Who needs a pitch? Create your own version of the Ashes with this game. Players choose a colour and all oncoming cars in their colour passing you on the road count as a run. You can nominate one colour to be bowled out by, for example, if a red car comes along you are bowled out and the next player gets a turn at the road wicket.


 4.Car bingo

A bit of forward planning is required for this one but it’s worth it to keep young passengers busy. Just put together a few printed pictures of your choosing which you’re likely to see on the journey so children can mark them off as they see them – e.g. three blue lorries, an aeroplane, those well-known golden arches. The possibilities are endless!


 5.Licence plates

You’re surrounded by them and they provide a wealth of opportunities for some creative in-car entertainment. Younger passengers can call out letters in alphabetical order – the first to Z wins. For older children and adults, have some fun making words or phrases using the letter sequence in the plates. The sillier, the better.

After the excitement of all those games, who knows?  You may even get a bit of peace and quiet while the children have a sleep!

Adam Pilon


November 24, 2015

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