The benefit of buying a popular car

When it comes to buying a car, whether purchasing new or used, there are several benefits in choosing a popular model. Whilst a mainstream vehicle might not stand out from the masses, it could offer:

  • Cheaper servicing and repairs with more parts available
  • Good/quick resale value
  • Potentially, a more affordable starting price with better deals
  • Excellent preowned deals on the used car market
  • A wide selection of used models to choose from
  • A wide variety of price ranges to choose from on the second-hand market, with some options available for under £1k.

The top 10 most popular cars from popular manufacturers

The vehicles we’ve picked for this list are some of the most popular models on today’s market. They also cover a good range of body types, from SUVs, to city cars, superminis, and saloons, providing a fashionable auto to suit the needs of various drivers. So please, read on to discover our top 10 most popular cars from popular manufacturers.