If you’re thinking of buying an SUV, but you’re worried about the day-to-day running costs, then we recommend taking a look at the cars on this list. They’re the best economical SUVs available, proving cheap to run with high miles per gallon (MPG) – perfect for taking you further for less money.


When it comes to fuel economy it’s not just about the car’s miles per gallon, it’s also about how you drive. Here are some tips to help you get the most miles for your money. To improve fuel economy:

  • Accelerate, brake, and change gears smoothly
  • Stick to lower speeds and the speed limit
  • Plan your journey ahead of time and with a direct route
  • Keep your car well-maintained and serviced
  • Turn the air con, heated screens, and other electrical appliances off
  • Take your foot of the clutch (if your car has stop/start technology)
  • Regularly check and ensure your tyres are at the correct pressure
  • Remove unnecessary heavy items from the car
  • Remove the roof box and bike rack when not in use

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With the bulky size of SUVs, most people assume they will have poor fuel economy. Whilst that is certainly the case with many of the larger types of sports utility vehicles, it’s not the case for the whole segment. In fact, there are lots of cars in this sector which offer a good return. Please, read on to discover our top 10 best economical SUVs, we think you might be surprised at the low running costs on offer.