England’s longest motorway is 232.2 miles long and it’s the M6 as you would have guessed!The longest road is the A1, measuring 410 miles in total. Do you think the world can do better?

Well, with countries such as the USA, Australia and China, to start with, we can guess that the UK has already lost when it comes to the longest continuous road. The longest road links Argentina to the USA. It is actually a mix of roads and motorways that total up to almost 30,000 miles. But we can say that obviously crossing different countries is cheating!

After this, the longest highway would be Australia’s Highway 1 with its length of 9,000 miles, surrounding the country and crossing all of Australia’s biggest cities. Highway 1 is longer than the Trans-Siberian Highway – connecting St Petersburg to Vladivostok (6,800 miles) and the Trans-Canada Highway – linking Victoria to St John’s in 4,990 miles.

China, being a big country, also has really long routes. The longest one is the National Highway at 3,540 miles and going from Tongjiang to Sanya. There are other long routes but the Tarim Desert Highway, “only” 346 miles, is quite impressive since 277 miles of the road are set in the desert with no habitation or civilisation, apart from a few restaurants and one gas station situated halfway. Be sure to have enough fuel in your car before embarking on this route…

The USA is also a big country so it is no surprise to find long routes there. The U.S. Route 20 is 3,365 miles longwhile the most famous route, U.S Route 66, is 2,451 miles long. Back in South America, Argentina’s National Route 40 is 3,107 miles long. The route crosses 20 national parks and follows 18 different rivers. Prepare the camera for the journey as there’s an amazing landscape to see and immortalise.

If you plan to try one of these long routes, check your car and be sure it is ready for the trip. Don’t forget plenty of music to listen to, as well as games to stay entertained, the camera, some food and drinks, fuel and off you go! Have a nice trip!