Footage has emerged today of the moment a cement lorry driver narrowly avoided flattening a people carrier that had stopped on a busy motorway after an accident.

The video, captured on an adjacent motorist’s dash-cam, shows the quick-witted trucker slot his leviathan wheels in-between two motorists, before the laws of physics intervene and attempt to topple his top-heavy vehicle.

The driver is having none of it, however, and quickly manages to right his lorry – albeit after grazing the barrier on the central reservation – avoiding a scene of mass devastation.

The footage is a chilling reminder of how vulnerable motorists are to HGVs. Check out our compilation below of the most wince-inducing lorry near misses to find their way onto the internet.

High-wind balancing act

Take one high-sided lorry and a huge gust of wind and you have the mother of all balancing acts. Thankfully, some skillfull wheel-work from the driver prevents this truck from becoming an expensive write-off.

HGV head-on

Quite possibly the scariest thing a driver could face: an out of control lorry bearing down on your windscreen. That was exactly the scenario facing this Texas local, who amazingly escaped major injury thanks to his airbags.

Emergency Stop

Modern technology means lorries aren’t the lumbering, slow to respond Goliaths of old, which is just as well for this in attentive supermini driver who pulls out from a junction at just the wrong time. Watch as a fully-laden articulated lorry is brought to a sudden halt with its powerful brakes.

Highway hop-over

Of course, sometimes accidents are inevitable, and then drivers are at the mercy of their reaction speed. So it happened for this Canadian driver, who successfully managed to avoid a gigantic lorry that had crashed through the central reservation and into his path.

Daljinder Nagra


May 28, 2014