Chiseling your way into your car on snowy mornings can be a frustrating start to the day, adding several minutes to the commute. However, take the risk of firing the engine up and setting the heater to max as you scrape off the snow and ice, and you could see your pride and joy stolen, as has been reported in the news over the colder months.

There is, though, another way to rid your car of snow – provided that you have a super powerful sound system; blast the white stuff off the car with deafening bass. We would definitely recommend that you take all of your children out of the car before you try this trick though, as the child in the passenger seat doesn’t look particularly happy to be subjected to the million decibels firing through the speakers – and causing the tailgate to pulse in time with the ear-shattering beat.

See how effective this snow clearing technique can be in the video above.

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Chris Lloyd


February 23, 2015