Whether intended in the design or not, coupe cars make a bold statement with attractive streamlined styling and high-performance power. Often, these cars are striving to achieve the very best, whether that’s the best driving experience, the most fun handling, or the highest levels of luxury. The classiest coupes are such cars, and whether they succeed or fail in their aims, they do so with impeccable, head turning looks. 


The term coupe, from the French translation for ‘cut,’ was first used to describe a type of horse-drawn coach used in the eighteenth century, with a shortened passenger compartment to make it easier to climb aboard. Today, it refers to a design of cars that are incredibly stylish and very classy, oozing endless appeal with a fixed-roof and a sloping, ‘cut down rear roofline. Typically, coupes are also defined by: 

  • Having two or three doors  
  • A shorter wheel base 
  • Light curb weight 
  • Sporty styling 
  • Longer doors 
  • Two small rear seats 

But like many car types in the motoring world, there is really no strict single definition and there are always examples to the contrary, like the four-door coupeNaturally, auto manufacturers like to play with designs and complicate things like terminology. Go with the sloping roofline and the suave sporty styling and we reckon you’ll be able to spot a coupe from a sedan no problem. 


The classiest coupes strike a fine balance between performance and practicality, but then go all out on style. And as one of the most visually appealing car types, you can rest assured that there are numerous different looks available from the wild and sporty, to the sophisticated and dignified – there’s always a coupe to suit your bearing. Please, read on to see what we’ve chosen as our top 10 classiest coupes.