Citroen is a brand not known for following the crowd, with a range of funky and bold and models available.

But arguably it’s boldest move in recent years has been the Ami – an odd-looking electric microcar that’s a take on ‘new mobility’. Already available in France, where even 16-year-olds can drive it as it’s not technically classed as a ‘car’, it’s not available yet in the UK, though Citroen keeps gauging interest to see if it could be viable here.

But as well as the two-seat passenger Ami, Citroen has now revealed a new commercial model – the Ami Cargo. Designed with ‘last-mile delivery service providers’ in mind, the van sees the passenger seat ripped out and replaced with a seven-part module box that can hold up to 260 litres or 140kg of cargo and goods. Along with the model’s additional interior space Citroen claims it offers a total load capacity of 400 litres.

The Cargo uses the same electric powertrain as the regular Ami, with a 6kW electric motor combined with a 5.5kWh battery. It claims to allow for a range of 47 miles, and can be charged in three hours using a standard three-pin plug.

Measuring just 2.41m-long and 1.39m-wide (for perspective, a Ford Fiesta is 4.1m in length and 1.73m wide), the Cargo also features a clear separation between the storage area and driver, along with a ‘modular shelf’ that doubles up as extra cargo room or a desk.

The Ami Cargo is set to be available to order in France from next month, with prices starting from €6,490 (£5,619) or just €24.18 (£20.93) per month on a long-term lease arrangement.