Akin to the Great Escape, getting away for the Christmas holidays requires precision planning, and if you haven’t already started – well, it’s better late than never.

A good tip is to make a list and an even better tip would be to stick to it. By all means include ‘just in case’ items because you really do never know; but when it comes to loading up the car, if it’s not on the list it’s not making the journey. Keeping the luggage – and weight – to a minimum will help you to get more mileage from your money.

Top of the checklist should be Christmas gifts. You spent so long wrapping them it would be a shame to forget them. You may need to explain about Santa having dropped them off early this year, or alternatively stow them in the boot out of view!

Depending where you’re jetting off to, it’s unlikely you’ll see any of the white stuff, but if it does snow then you’ll be glad you packed those extra layers.

On longer car journeys, the novelty of travel can soon wear thin. Keep passengers happy with a food hamper. Creating a playlist of your favourite songs can also help to pass the time, and will no doubt spark a little car karaoke for your amusement.

For those truly escaping it all and leaving the country behind, don’t be weighed down. You may have to carry your luggage for some parts of the way; and as nice as it would be to have your own skis, hiring equipment can be just as good.

Luggage has an annoying habit of going missing between the UK and your destination of choice. Although waiting for your case to arrive won’t be the best start to your holiday, with just a few essentials you can at least make it more bearable. A toothbrush, underwear, face wipes and fragrance all kept in your carry-on luggage will save you from feeling too blue about the situation. And if you forget anything at all, be sure it’s not your passport!