4x4s are rarely recommended to young drivers for two main reasons: they usually guzzle more fuel being larger, heavier, and four-wheel drive, and, they are typically more expensive to insure. That being said, if you have your heart set one and your budget can afford it, 4x4s can be a lot of fun, whether you want such a car for off-road adventures or for better control during adverse weather.   


There’s not much advice we can give on how to get cheaper fuel bills with a 4×4, other than pick a more frugal engine with good miles per gallon (MPG) and drive slower. However, when it comes to insurance there are a few practical pointers young drivers can use to bring the costs down, such as: 

  • Pay yearly – if you can afford it, you will pay less with one lump sum than you do with monthly instalments where you’ll be charged interest 
  • Add a more experienced named driver to the policy, just remember the main driver of the car must always be the person indicated as the main driver on the policy (the main policy holder is also the only one able to earn a no claims bonus) 
  • Add extra security features, like an alarm and an immobiliser  
  • Increase your voluntary excess (what you’ll pay) when it comes to making a claim – just make sure you can afford it 
  • Shop around and compare deal

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Of course, one of the easiest ways for young drivers to save money with a 4×4 is to buy a cheap used model or an affordable new car. And here’s where we can help you even more, with our list of the top 10 best cheapest 4x4s for young drivers. Read on to see we’ve chose as our favourite, low cost cars with all-wheel drive.