Performance and handling are one thing, but car manufacturers, especially in the last few years, have started to focus harder on another way to differentiate themselves: the seating. The interior of a car, particularly of a luxury car, is all part of the experience. A car that delivers an ultra-smooth ride but features rickety old seating could well miss out on buyers.
Whether you’re looking at a high-end brand, such as Rolls Royce, BMW or Mercedes; choosing an everyday run around, like a Mini Cooper; or going for a Range Rover or something that bit bigger and bulkier to suit your driving needs, you can be sure the manufacturer has paid careful attention to the seating. If you’re thinking of buying a car with the most comfortable seats, you can use our car finance calculator.

What should you look for in your car seats?

Your seat should be supportive and be of a good quality material. Leather is a good choice if you are seeking a luxurious touch. It’s soft, comfortable and also easy to clean if there are any spillages in the car. However, they can be sensitive to temperature, so expect cold seats in the winter and scorching seats in the height of summer. Not only, leather doesn’t come cheap, so if the seating suffers any damage, you’ll also have to pay a lot for repairs.
Choosing a car with fabric seats gives you more flexibility. They’re not as expensive to repair, the material stays cooler in warm weather and warmer in cold weather, and it can look just as elegant as leather. That being said… removing stains isn’t as simple as quickly wiping off the offending liquid or substance. Fabric tends to absorb smells more as well, so selling your car may be harder if you smoke or have pets in the car regularly.
When thinking about comfort, it’s worth paying attention not just to the seats, but also to the wheelbase, which is the distance between the centre of the front and rear wheels. The greater this distance, the better the legroom can be and passengers can also enjoy a more comfortable ride in terms of not feeling bump as significantly while on the road.

Different types of car seats

Since car manufacturers want you to be comfortable, you’ll come across different types of seats. Heated seats, which you can warm up in cold temperatures; cooling seats, which you can use to cool you down on a hot day’ and racing-style seats, which fit closely but provide extra comfort; are all examples.
Then there’s the adjustability. You can adjust the height of some driving seats, not to mention adjust them manually or with the push of a button. Some driving seats offer a wide range of positions so you can get truly comfortable behind the wheel. Meanwhile, out in the back, rear passengers can recline the vehicles on the seats. Range Rovers spring to mind for this feature. It’s all part of a more luxurious experience.


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